twitfaceaimspace .

twitter post: out with my girls .
twitter post: @friend said the funniest thing .
twitter post: i love my boyfriend .
facebook status: i hate work .
facebook status: going to Malibu .

we are so busy trying to 'post' our lives that we barely live them . i decided that I'm going to cut down on my facebook, twitter, & aim usage . i just believe that the hours i spend on these networking sites could be used for better things .

People rely so heavily on facebook, myspace, twitter & aim to display their lives to the world . They re so eager to prove to everyone that they have a life that they forget to have one. we post pictures of the dinner party we went to . we upload photos of our times at the beach . we take pics at the mall, at kickbacks, ALL the time . it seems like we're more concerned with everyone else's perception of our lives , instead of taking in the memories for ourselves ! A lot of the time, wall posts, 'likes' & comments cause more harm than good .

You can't upload love at first sight. You can't put an away message of the feeling you get when you jump into a swimming pool at 3am . . . naked . You cant post your ambition , your shame, your success, your emotions . You can try as much as you want, but life is to be lived . . . not tagged . So, im giving it a rest .

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