sowwwwy .

ive been a little missing in action these past couple of days -_- .

well, im back in beautiful southern california . i missed home like crazy . ive been making rounds and trying to get my time difference jetlagg together . finally, im settled in . ill be a lot more reliable and trust me . . . i have a lot to say & express as a result of these past couple of days . hell, these past couple of minutes lol .

just you wait & see ;)

music that's been making me smile :

snoop dogg ft. jazmine sullivan -different languages (I PUT MY BODY BEHIND THIS ONE lol)
50 cent -do you think about me (& im the furthest thing from a 50 fan)
an aquired taste song:
robin thicke ft. nicki minaj - shakin it for daddy . [see what you think for yourself ?]

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