once upon a time

can we make a love story ?
can we hold hands and embrace the way our fingers press inappropriately ?
i mean, if our fingers were legs . . . it wouldn't be a love story .
can we trap our happiness in the space between our lips in that first second that they part from a kiss ?
those breaths between kisses make neon bliss in my soul ;
bright, vibrant , embarrassingly noticeable .
inhale, exhale, exhibit, inhabit . . . life like love .

can we make a love story ?
whispering to one another even though no one else is around to hear .
history of headache, heartbreak and hell lift from our bodies to fog up the windows .
can we smirk at one another?
smirks that are so sweet & silent that they deafen our ears ?
lets break the rules of sound and sight ...lets rearrange it .
i want you to hear my beauty & i want to see your sighs .

we never tip toe'd around everyone else's perception .
i dont ever want to start .
we owe each other the right to happiness .
& ive never been more joyful to have that debt .

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