comedy is finally comedic :)

modern family is a "documentary style" sitcom comedy about three different families that deal with halarious scenarios . wednesday nights at 9 on ABC [i am sooo endorsing this show lol]

"Tsunami in South Pacific Island Kills Nearly 100"

a day without a prayer is a boast against God
we need to pray for these people & their families
...and thank God that it didnt have to be any of us .



a note to a brave heart .

you stare in my eyes ev'ry day;
i must say youre too brave .
inside my story is cold air
it'll trap you, make you its slave .

there's a pain here, hard and crusted
smooth like rested car'mel .
sharp sides that pierce your persistence -
left mute, nothing to tell .

scenes that haunt my eyes like spirits;
i guess you are my knight
knives and candles for dinner first
kisses, conversation, held tight .

im no damsel, no distressed broad;
swear i dont need analysis
just a sincere heart and some love,
genuine thought, like this .

a stomach churn .

She looked in the mirror and hiked up her fire red skirt, "nope, a bit higher" she thought . it reminded her of last weekend with Donnie in his mustang . she smiled . she turned back to her reflection and painted on her red lips . it was truly a mastered skill, these lips ...it was all in the wrist . she tugged down on her blouse to show more cleavage (her new push-up bra wouldnt go to waste) . she reflected on her matching, lace bra and panties ...they were going to impress someone tonight . Mike always grinned when she undressed . who would she meet tonight ?

She walked into the party and there he was . in the corner . Music swarming their bodies in the hot room, beating her thighs with conviction . What did the song say ? She could only catch every other word or so .. "beat it up" ... "patron" ... "my bed", her favorite kind . they danced . his lips in her neck , his hands on the front of her hips, sliding up her skirt . he moved too fast, but then again ... he was fine . eyes that moved slowly over her face like syrup . lips licked after every smile . she was in a trance . she swayed her hips as a slip of permission .

"whats your name?" she screamed over the music . he smiled as if she already knew, "Satan" he said whispered, "and yours?" she told him . "lets get out of here," she said as she took his hand .
- - - - - - - -

whats wrong ? whats with the face ?
oh what ? because she hooked up with satan ?
psh . we all dance with the devil . open your eyes .
whenever we displease God, satan is right there holding our hand . smiling :)


wax .

its me against this elephant ... in the room , every room it seems .
if i had a nickle for everytime i heard a girl call another girl "ugly" or talk about their outfit , i'd have enough money to fly away from this nonsense . there is no way that i will be able to tackle ALL the defects in a so-called "sisterhood" , but i might as well try . This is not , i repeat this is NOT about spelmanites . This is a piece about womanhood .

the first question i would ask myself is, "What makes me so self-conscious about myself that i feel validated by tearing down other girls?"
As horrible as it sounds , calling someone else's outfit UGLY does make women feel better .
We wake up in the morning and we feel GROSS & it feels good to know that someone else is worse off than you .
We dont like what we see in the mirror & we want to make others feel as bad as we do .
let me clarify: that is [p a t h e t i c] to say the least .

if you base your worth on your hair, clothes, or materialistic things ... the person that you talk about is automatically better off than you . the fact that your happiness is based on negativity ...is a huge problem . a sick problem . now, envy is natural and sometimes you want what other girls have . nevertheless, you should be PROUD of what you do have and embrace it . its ungrateful to only want what you cant have . to some people, being a loud mouth, raunchy girl is funny . ha , but a lot of people cant see through that and laugh at you .

but trust , there are people who pray for you and your insecurities . there are people who see through it and want you do ascend your jealousy & thirst for attention . As far as Spelman is concerned, i love my school . At the same time, i have seen some serious coonery and self-hatred among my "sisters" . i hope people get it together, we're too old for this . sleeping with people's boyfriends to validate your confidence . snickering and laughing at girls in the cafeteria to feel better . bumping into people "purposely" at parties .

im sorry . i didnt know i had to repeat the fourth grade ?

lock me up & hide the key

insanity(n.) - doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result .

my mind dances around the thought of you everyday .
same routine . same extention of limbs . same stretching of torso . everyday .
heavy breathing . leaps of faith . swaying of hips . tapping feet on today's hope of you .
i imagine being near you , so close that i can hear the flapping of your eyelashes . everyday .

my heart is typing on my mental keyboard; the keys are infiltrating my inner most thoughts .
click . embrace this feeling .
clack . too soon for comfort .
click . love is the untamed feline of the emotional world .
clack . then shoot the dart already .

phone rings . heart drop .
s m i l e .
click the green button . & go

who said insanity was a bad thing ?
ill happily embrace the same variables of my day if the result is still being with you .


have a heart .

my favorite show Grey's anatomy's season finale .

this show is amazing to say the least . if you dont watch it , start .
itll make you cry, laugh and most importantly ... think .

*not to mention the shows writer is a black lady :]



"we're all scared .
if youre not scared, youre not paying attention.

people die .

people are living with cancer , wondering if they will see their kids' graduation .
wondering if they'll ever fall in love .

people are fighting for our country , waving to their brothers on web cams ... asking themselves if this is the last time .

someone is in the hospital watching their baby turn blue ...stomach churning with anguish .

someone is sleeping with a knife under the pillow, holding on to the hope that their dad doesnt beat their mom tonight .

someone has all the odds against them, praying not to feel a lump in their breasts . crying at the thought of chemotherapy treatments ...

someone will walk out of the house and die in a car crash, someone will lose their memory, someone will have to move away, things have to c h a n g e .

but to be scared of love ...
"that is weak ."

tell someone you love them because tomorrow is never promised .


aww :)

cutest commercial ever . idk it made me smile !


melting mirrors .

mirror, mirror on the wall ... screw you .

your glass that slices the soul like ice cold box-cutters .
girls sheild their face from you to hide from the pain, the hurt, the disgust that looks back at them .
girls shield their mind from the torment that is ... mirrors .

mirrors , mirrors ...where for art thou compassion ?

your levi's and fitted caps .
you crotch-holdin, fresh line-up havin' soul sucker .
your lies . your manipulation . your cheating . your ruthlessness ;
you make a girl look at you and see dehumanization .
you make a girl cringe at her reflection .

mirror mirror , what i wouldnt do to destroy you ?

billboards promoting perfect , cutting the confidence of millions of girls .
music media murdering all of the effort that mom put in saying, "youre beautiful" .
reflecting inperfection with logos and love .
hoodrat glass, scraping against confidence until it bleeds .

please remove the mirrors from my sisters .
cast all mirrors on me !
i'll take all the lashes and beating for them .
i love them with all of me and i can take whatever those mirrors dish out .
servings of discontentment, worthlessness, & deteriating heart ... ill consume it .

please remove the mirrors from my sisters .
cast all mirrors on me !
let them see how beautiful they are .
let them see how brilliant they are and their self-worth .
give them peace of spirit .

turn all mirrors in my direction .
you have made me in your image and ill take the spear in my side for my sisters .
arms outstreched and head held high for my sisters .
please Lord, can we melt the mirrors ?

dedicated to everygirl who has ever felt unworthy of love .

happy monthiversary <3 .


message in a bottle

i often get looks of confusion and frustration .
especially from other girls .
i guess its because i come off as arrogant .

let me clarify :

i dont need to meet everybody and be seen at every "function" .
i dont need attention .
i am not a typical "nice" person . those people get ran over .

i dont care about the politics of school .
i dont care about a popularity contest .
i am not a highkey person .
id prefer to keep my name out of other people's mouths .
[however, if i am ... not a big deal . i'll lose absolutely no sleep]

i dont care who the "cool girls" are .
i dont care how much money you have .
i dont know who's sleeping with her , and if i hear ...ill probably forget in 20 minutes .
i dont care if boys think im "baddd", cause i'll easily be replaced next semester .
i dont sleep around & if you do, thats your business .

[^] all that stuff is highschool . all that stuff can miss me .

i love God . [and proud of it]
i love my family .
i love my friends .

i am about expression and living life with a purpose .
i write .
i am about my studies, and enjoying the college experience :)
i have a "manfriend" . and the dumb stuff is beneath him as well lol

i am reserved because i like to observe .
i laugh at stupid girls, its more of a reflex than anything . my bad lol

[but then i pray for them and ask God to forgive me]

i laugh , hard .
i speak my mind & i love people with common sense (its a rare trait) .
i enjoy life & sweep all of the complicated stuff under the carpet .

i'm me . and ill only change if God sees fit for me to do so :)


kiss my assignments ;

an essay due . What
did i do with the prompt ?

what happens if i dont turn it in on time ?

three test next week
and my mind melts like chocolate & marshmallows .

freeze, melt, zzzz, crack . there goes my mind .

extra-curricular activites,
busy like honey bees .

buzzin like nobody's business .

my meeting at five fifty.
another at seven , wait six .

or was it yesterday ?
did i miss it ?

upload the paper ?
what website ?
double-spaced ?
site which source ?
business attire ?

college + 4 years x tuition can easily be equated to el nervoso breakdown-o .

big things .

check this out:

sheila pree bright

renee cox

nandipha mntambo

ike ude

believe it or not, all of these artists and photographers can be found in a current exhibition at the spelman museum in cosby . this work just scrapes the surface of amazing things found . check it out before it changes up !


h e r m a n o

dallas [no middle name] darden . my brother , my light .

the boy who lets me be ... me .

harry potter book reading, family guy, fresh prince & boondocks watching, kanye-loving ...just like me .

"dallas, is this outfit coo?", i say .

he looks me up and down, turns to the computer and replies, "i dont know son" . i love him .

the guy who loves my breakfast and talks my ear off about that stupid "ricky bobby" movie !!
too intellectual .
brilliant in english and math .
mature beyond his years . humility & meekness that is mistaken for being "reserved" .

two years, two months apart . my bestfriend . even if we talk once a month , lmbo .

i love you "D" :D


father nature

God molded the clay and when he finished you, he shed a tear of happiness .
he scraped the leftovers out of his nails and put them aside as seeds for your offspring .
He tilted and examined his work, "perfect" he said with a gleaming smile .

the smell of clear, still water in your embrace can be smelled from the tallest hills .
i guess youre a drop of trust into a puddle of foundation ;
the ripples run over the face of our serene beginning .

twisting hands up the waist until the mental branches smack them away .
twisting twigs into a frenzy of passionate play ;
one branch, two branch, three branch, four .

sun dyed eyes with those wrinkles at the meeting .
eyes only bright with the touch of tickled laughter .
sand-like indents in any place that we inhabit for more than ten minutes .

faith wide and tall like the rocky's .
rocky, hard distain at the adversity ahead .
green fields with dandelions danty and dry ... shaking .

father nature .


cry me a river already

okay . what he said was rude . but CHILL out already . kanye didnt bash taylor's song/personality/career ...he was just rude and aknowledged beyonce's (best video ..btw) video at the wrong time . he was a little tipsy and made a mistake . and he appologized , sheesh .

it kills me how george bush could say "i speak mexican" and be president for another year, but everyone wants to throw kanye under the bus for an award show. kanye is still a great artist and taylor swift just got a whole lot more sympathy fans . whatever , get over it .

and yes ...he was sincere .


psh, boy please . you have NO idea

"I dont know bro, she must be on her period or something..."
it seems like every other day, men make that statement to somehow insinuate that a woman is grumpy. The statement is never filled with genuine concern and acknowledgement. however, it is said with a passive dismissal as if women are over-reacting and super emo .

well ... lmfbo. there are many symptoms of a menstrual cycle . tender body, fatigue, headache & the worst, cramping.

what is cramping? take a look, then try being insensitive again ahole:

"Every month the inner lining of the uterus prepares for pregnancy and every month there is no fertilized egg this lining dies and sheds. When the old lining starts to break down a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin is released causing the muscles of the uterus to contract cutting off blood supply and oxygen to the endometrial tissue. After the tissue dies, the contractions help to push it out of the body. Higher levels of leukotrienes, which cause inflammation, have also been detected in women during this time and can contribute to menstrual cramping as well."


people say PMS causes the frustration of many women during this time...like its some chemical imbalance of the brain . PSH, if you had to deal with that 13 times a year... wouldnt you be pissed too ?

the hoax from heaven .

Well i just wanna thank you God , you chose me .
you blessed me enough to take residency with an angel .
i wonder if she kept her angel wings in that drawer that i could never reach as a kid .
ohhh, that locked chest by the bed was the hiding place for her halo and wings? i had no idea .

How did she know what i was thinking when i came home?
she asked, "what happened at school today? anything interesting?" with a face brushed of sincerity .
What did she sprinkle into my face at night that gave me the courage to be me at all times ?
So, her smiles were "miniature blessings?"
i didnt know why i felt so warm and safe, but God ...that makes perfect sense .

so God ...all of those nights watching tv and shopping and cooking in the kitchen ... she was an angel then too ? Even when she yelled at me for bringing home two C's on my progress report in 8th grade ? definitely then .

God, where did she keep the "hold the family together" glue ? or the "brighten up the room when i walk in" potion ? Do angels only get those ?

Well either way, you guys did a great job fooling me . I thought she was just an incredible mom .
Who would have known she was an angel all along ?

happy birthday mom . i love and miss you .


swaying with honesty ;

pine trees and cinnamon .
she never knew what scent honesty could produce, but now she was enlightened.
she looked into the sky to see the sun, peeking its nose above the horizon to smell the pine trees and cinnamon .
it seemed as if the sun procrastinated its timely sleep into the other side of the world .

when she was tired of the lies and moral decay of the world ,
she ran into her emotional forrest . pushing through brances and hopping over thick tree stumps, she heaved and ran toward her familiar smell .

all she wanted was honesty . she found it here in the green landscape that God himself had in mind for perfection . these tall green giants sprinkled their thin needle-like leaves on her until she could see nothing more than joy . there was nothing artificial about it .

all the manipulation and deceit was pushed into the soil by these strong, nature creatures that breathed in unison with the breeze . they swayed and she breathed, taking in this addictive scent of green and sweet... this scent of real . who knew she would find her honesty in him ? who knew he would be her pine and cinnamon ? ....


doves over jasmine .

lastnight ... spelmanite jasmine lynn was shot and killed .

is it just me, or is it absolutely ridiculous that someone comes to college only to be a victim of senseless violence and ignorance ? i pray for her family . i cant imagine what it must feel like to bury a child . to receive that phonecall ...to have expectations for a young girl and have them come to an end.

parents are going crazy . calling the school outraged, threatening to pull their kids out, and asking their kids to stay on campus . some might say that "people can get shot anywhere", however, students should never be shot on their campus . Jasmine Lynn should have been able to hang out with her friends. i dont know if the lack of security is because they were too busy freestyling rap bars with each other? i dont know if it was because they were trying to get at the students again? maybe security was just socializing amongst one another like they always do? i dont know, and maybe im wrong for saying this ... but somebody has to speak their mind .

nevertheless, what happened lastnight ...shouldnt of happened. i am praying for the family, friends, and soul of jasmine lynn . she seemed to be a positive presence and a fun girl . rest in peace spelman sister .