fight back .

"live through this, and you won't look back" - stars .

motivate yourself . life can make you its personal punching bag . it wraps its fingers around your neck and presses in the center . it presses and presses until you're so close to suffocation . it feels like you won't make it through the day . the idea of tomorrow makes you sick because you can't see a light ahead . it seems like, the more you invest in, the bigger the risk in the end . sometimes you can feel like you're crawling through life instead of soaring like you should . you know those times when something weighs heavy on your mind . . . so heavy that it almost seems to be a REAL weight ?

it's imperative that i tell you . PUSH forward . you can be going through one of the toughest times of your life , but maybe the point is for you to overcome it . maybe the point is for you to be able to say, "i got through it." The hardest times in my life have given me the greatest sense of accomplishment and wisdom . It can do the same for you . The most interesting people are only that because of their perspectives and experiences . If life was a mere walk in the park, that would be the only story we had to tell to the world . a damn walk . The most interesting people fought life back because of their strength . Ghandi has a story to tell . Mandela has a story to tell . 2pac had a story to tell . Lauryn Hill has a story . Kanye has a story to tell . Make your story . I'm not saying to look for trials , but don't stop living because they might arrive .

The question is not whether you'll pick yourself up from life's abuse . The question is "what will you be able to tell your grand kids about your triumph over life's adversity?"

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