lessons learned .

You know, my mom always told me not to be a 'typical teenager' . She said , "Please dont grow up and be like those white kids on TV who yell 'i hate you' and run to their room." lol . She told me not to trust little boys until they earned that right . She told me she loved me so much, that i began to love myself . She taught me that tears do not compromise a person's strength and to use your circumstances to enlighten and inspire people .

She taught me what to say when people made fun of my name as a little girl lol . She taught me (without knowing it) that you can't trust everyone all the time, but you have to be strong enough to find out who's worthy . She showed me that a small knit group of GOOD friends is better than a plethora of fake ones . She taught me to be 'special' and embrace it . So many people want to blend into the background of everyone else, and im so grateful to be myself . My mom showed me the importance of a relationship with God . I believe God gave my mom the courage to pray in the face of adversity and she passed it down to me.

I think one of the most important things my mother ever taught me was to know my own worth . To know what i deserve and what i dont . I remember when i was in elementary school and i told someone that i was happy with the way i looked & they made fun of me . i came home and cried to my mom, "someone called me stuck up" . She laughed, and ever since then . . . i laughed too . I laugh at anybody who thinks that they can tell ME what i deserve , who i am, or what i am capable of . She taught me these things . . .

During the holidays, we need to remember our family . The ones with us, the ones we miss, and the ones that we need to be thankful for . As the 2009 year ends, its important to hold onto what you have learned previously so you do not digress . It's also important to acknowledge the people who taught you .


  1. Stevi I wish that I could sit here and read all of your writing, but unfortunately I have been reading all day lol...I will be finishing this up tomorrow though...But seriously your work is GREAT!!!

  2. Stevi, that was amazing! You are such a talented writer, and I know that your mom is proud and smiling down on her baby girl. Continue to do the things she taught you, and learn what you know she would have wanted to you learn. The most important thing that I see that both of your parents taught you, is to be a women on God. Continue to write and always remember, that you are His seed, and continue to plant things in the lives of others. Luv ya!