re-post from july : "keep the ripe"

Elie Wiesel said it best, "you can get used to anything."
someone in his circumstances had everyright to make that statement , and i invest a section of my beliefs to that declaration .

Time and time again, that statement re-proves itself in my life . Somethings happened to me in my life that i thought would crush me, physically and mentally . However, As cruel and blunt as it sounds, my mind and heart get used to anything . That doesnt mean the "anythings" become pleasant or easy over time ...it just means that you become accustomed to it .

unfortunately, i become accustomed to as well . Things that took your breath away become mundane with time . my unique characteristics become the norm with time . the things i said that pierced your mind has numbed it all the same ... with time . as "different" as i seem to most, you can get used to it . i think thats secretely everygirl's biggest fear with a man ... becoming "used to" . Having him look at you like seven-year-old bed sheets . I think that's why girls do the things they do for men ...at any cost , because theyre scared of becoming the "been there, done that". theyre so desperate to keep things fresh .

i honestly dont have the answer to the posed problem . however, i can imagine times when i have woken up to the sun & appreciated it like it was the third time i met him . & perhaps thats what love is ? Getting used to your love but still appreciative of the joy they bring in your life . rolling over to your spouse and feeling blessed to have them for another day . i can only imagine what it would be like to wake up to bliss every morning . not necessarily waking up to a perfect person...cause everyone sucks once and a while lol . but waking up to think, "wow ...theyre still here. how lucky am i? " hmm, i dont know ? i guess anythings possible ?

song: teedra moses - take me .

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