hello there.

i hate waking up this early . it's 4am like always and here i am , rising from the horizon . my yellow breaking the faded blue sky everyday , that's truly when i feel my prettiest . yuup, that horizon break . no one ever really sees that part though, they can barely look at me around noon . Do you know how much it hurts to know that people say ... i hurt THEIR eyes ? ugh . They wear their shades and try to pretend like i dont exist when in all actuality, their lives revolve around me . so annoying . let me tell you, this gets pretty annoying .

Dont get me wrong people, there are some perks to this high esteemed job . i get to travel . i love seeing the most beautiful landscapes all over the world . I've seen the Paris, The Middle East, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, Alaska's backwards ice caps, the statue of Liberty, South Beach, the Staple Center and Rodeo Drive (now that's a sight).

BUT ONE DAY, i was drifting over this little beach in Malibu this past summer . This couple was laying on a blanket facing the water , exchanging letters that they wrote one another . They smiled bashfully and looked at each other like they understood one another . I mean, i see couples all of the time in my line of work , ALL THE TIME . but these two were different . In case you didnt know, i live pretty far away from everyone else . . . and i can see when heat is radiating off of another surface . These two were on fire , and it was only a mere fifty degrees on that beach in Malibu . I have been around for millions of years and it had been such a long time since i saw this . Too long that i thought that this heat was a mix-up .

I followed them around for the rest of the summer , eyes glued to them . I assumed that the heat thing was a minor glitch, but i was wrong . The heat that these two created broke all the bounds of science . I realized that i was looking at genuine love . When these two came together, they created this heat & it was beauty at it's rawest, realest form . I thought this kind of love died years ago, but they gave me hope, hot hope . love like that makes my job worth while . In case youre out there, thanks kids . . . you kept me going .

Sincerely Yours,

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