no time like the present .

so , I'm actually doing it .

i started writing my book . What better time then my Sophomore year in college when I'm surrounded by so many new concepts, ideas, peoples, and perspectives ? It takes years to finish a novel and i figure there is no time like the present ? I have so much bundled inside, and I'm not even sure what i want from my first attempt at book writing .

...In all actuality, nothing should be holding me back . Fear, age, incompetence, haters and ego are only barriers constructed by ourselves to keep us down . If i relied on other people's thoughts and approval then that would (quite frankly) be a pretty BORING life .

So, i started and I'm going to let my mind dance around the pages until i have something that i can be proud of :) [ugh, and i hate when i end my sentences with 'of' or 'with'] lol . Anywhooo, keep me in your prayers !

All my love,

Stevi Renee .

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