leather gloves

strength is a blessing and a burden .
strength builds you up ,
but sometimes it makes you press your thumb on people .

it makes you stern in your presence ,
however, strength can also make you stubborn in your stance .
you stand for a lot & compromise little .
often misinterpreted as full of limit . boundary .

people are often afraid of strength and they pretend like they want to be more 'flexible' .but clay-type people will only be who they are until the air decides for them to dry . then they are simply stuck with the result, with no say so of their own . it's kind of like the 'Riddler' ride at six flags . you shift up and down when you get in your seat & when it locks . . . you're stuck .

it's foolish to assume the world will go 'easy' on you .
it's foolish to believe that one drop of adversity will give you a pass for the rest of life's tribulations .
true, blessings come everyday and so often, but a lot of the time . . . those blessings come disguised in a mask of pain and growth .

tough skin .

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