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one of the greatest (okay medium-ish) injustices you can do to a boyfriend or girlfriend is gaze a wandering eye. im not referring to when you're at the mall and your boyfriend looks at another girl's chest . no, that's not what i mean. Have you ever had something and kept it only because you had nothing better to hold on to ? we do this all the time in relationships. we treat our boyfriends & girlfriends like jobs... we're content with the pay and benefits, but we're sending out our resumes to different places .we're not necessarily taking up any offers, but hopeful that something "better" will come along.

well that works just fine when we are referring to careers, but it's vital to remember that your significant other is not a 9 to 5. If they are -and the relationship consists more of psychological/manual labor than emotional benefit - then that is not where you should even be. They should know that they aren't what you're ultimately looking for. They deserve to know that you want something that they cannot provide.

Not only is it wrong to string someone along in a relationship with wandering eyes, but it's an injustice to yourself. You're essentially living a lie if you pretend to be happy somewhere you are not. If you have a significant other & you're fantasizing about your soul mate, the qualities you haven't gotten in a boyfriend/girlfriend, or meeting someone who fulfills your desires ... sit down for a moment and re-evaluate if you're wasting someone's time. & remember, that "someone" could very much so be yourself.


i proposed those article quotes below to spark some thought about what is being said of HBCU's. more importantly, i wanted people to see how "haters" rationalize their deep rooted haterism lol. anywho, this is a documentary directed by Nate Edwards and produced by Jihad Kheperu .. It's absolutely amazing. Although it is a testiment to what Morehouse College is doing, it is primarily a film that made me appreciate connectedness & global understanding. check it out:

BELIMEXIRAGUA.. "The Trip of A Lifetime" from Live. Much. Productions on Vimeo.


what do you think?

Tom Junod raised this issue in a recent article in Atlanta magazine, entitled "Are Black Colleges Necessary?"

He states:
In the next 20 or 30 years, even the most ardent supporters of black higher education acknowledge that many black colleges and universities will go out of business, lose their accreditation, or lose their identities in mergers. In some quarters, their passing will be regarded as a tragedy; in others, as a healthy development, a case of the weak dying to make way for the strong. Already, the competition for scarce resources has rekindled the debate between those who see black colleges as tools ensuring black opportunity, and those who see them as vehicles for promoting black excellence. (mind you, this was written in '88).


Kenneth Clark, the psychologist who was one of the key witnesses before the Supreme Court in the Brown v. Board of Education case, has addressed this issue of resources.

He states:
Black colleges can no longer be accessories to American racism by being content to provide black students with a second-class education which is "good enough for blacks." Nor can we continue to imitate blindly the traditional rigidities of white colleges. To do so will merely reinforce the racist hypocrisies, the frauds, the normative dishonesties inherent in the designation and present realities of "black" and "white" colleges, and "black" and "white" education.

source: Shannon, David T. "Historically Black colleges : a religious vision." Religion and Intellectual Life 5.4 (1988): 34-46. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials. EBSCO. Web. 27 Mar. 2011.


me 0H my.

kiss the crook.

My mind's an intricate honeycomb.
Each capsule is covered with veils, glass windows, crystals, mirrors and mold.
Within these complex cubbies of my subconscious lie the things left unsaid
words weighed down with a scent of honesty.

Phrases that bleed brash lust.
Proclamations that could make men produce a scarlet blush.
But that is simply the crystallized capsule.
Pains and posies plaguing my moss covered room.
Sweeping. Infecting. Haunting.
Yet, this cubicle’s irrelevant – it’s hardly as daunting.

The big pimpin’, essential part of my mind -
The penthouse capsule that houses inner peace
Tiling made of joy and acumen made me glad to sign the lease.
Candy coated contentment and confidence-
The same room in my mind hosting common sense.

My honeycomb mind. Combing through my sweet & sticky mind.

#1 historically black college, identify.

Congrats to Spelman College for getting Michelle Obama to speak at Commencement this year! that's HUGE :)

cause if you dont do it big, you aint doin nothin ...

the video is dope.



this is such a good movie with a great concept. i may have done some things differently, but i was definitely entertained & everyone should see it :]

p.s. dear God, thank you for Bradley Cooper. amen.

liberation lies of the vagina.

last week, i sat in a classroom and my professor talked about "conduct literature". conduct literature in the Victorian era taught women ... "how to be women" . There were pamphlets about how to be an effective housewife, a maiden, and even daughter. My professor explained how women were expected to uphold certain characteristics like humility, spiritual devotion, purity and selflessness. to be honest, my professor spoke in a tone that could only be described as disdain and sarcasm. Clearly, she (as well as some other 'feminists' in my class felt like this was a ridiculous notion). i could see why they would be upset. who on EARTH would want to be humble? pure? pious? or selfless? what a catastrophe that would be.

Similarly, there is conduct literature today: one word ... COSMOPOLITAN.
someone in my class said that COSMO is "different" from traditional conduct literature because it "liberates" women. i almost choked on my own breath. have you read comso?

"how to get approached by men"
"11 ways to keep your boyfriend from cheating."

"guidelines for no tan lines"
"best sex tips to keep him satisfied"

So, is casual sex and pulling men the only way for women to feel liberated? Cosmopolitan magazine enslaves women to social constructs of gender roles identical to ones in the19th century. -- an obsession with perfected appearance (even more impossible than before) & keeping "men" satisfied (as if they are all the same with no specific personalities). Cosmo has painted women into a small box of promiscuity.

some feminists are so concerned with defeating sexism that they cannot understand their own values as individuals. Yes, it is wrong for men to impose their ideas on us about what we should be without holding themselves to the same standards. Nevertheless, if we get caught up in neglecting those values out of spite ... who will we be as humans? before anything .. gender, race, class .. i'm human.  I'd never want to be an arrogant, selfish, "lost" human just to combat some chauvinistic ideals from the 1800's. My goal is to simply hold on to my values and ultimately, (some day) i'll probably commit to a person who has the same ones.

everyone wants "liberation", but ask yourself what's enslaving you?


there's no such thing as halfway trust .

"we expect God to bless every aspect of our lives; yet, we wont trust God enough to let him TAKE OVER every aspect of our lives. hmm ..."


how many times have we had a housing bill that was due? how many times has your phone been cut off? how many times have you cried over financial aid woes? prayed for new shoes? prayed to get our hair done? prayed to get that parking ticket paid off? hell, how many times have we just hoped and prayed for some money to play with for fun?

in the same breath, how many times have you given ten percent to the place set aside to uplift God? how much money do we commit to giving back to God's efforts? Helping someone else, giving back to your church home, just being generous and loving ? I am definitely not above this contradiction. I love to pray for a financial blessing, but when i get it ... my stingy, ugly head rears itself.

Now, romance is a little more complicated. Between the misconstrued ideas of what "love" is and the Dr.Jekel and Mr.Hyde ways of our sexuality as humans, dating is a weird concept... especially in relation to God. We like to give all of our lives to God ... EXCEPT the aspect of our romantic relationships. So many of my friends feel like they let God handle everything .... oh,but their dating life is what they have "under control". Nevertheless, 90% of their problems in life stem from dating, relationships, and sex.

Girls are bleaching niggas clothes and keying their cars. Men are snatching up their girlfriend's in the club and getting girls pregnant like their tryna save the human race from extinction. People think this is love, but wonder why they are still so empty and unfulfilled. Love is everything, real Love is of God ... if they trusted their God to take over their dating lives, perhaps they would benefit ... just a thought.




(that's all i have to say regarding that).


president obama at morehouse graduation? hmm .

it's a long shot, but i might as well support the men of morehouse on trying to get President Obama's attention . goodluck fellas .

falling into perspective

Sooooo, i have been anti-weave & acrylic nails for the past few months & i must say, it's rewarding lol. there's something unexplainably liberating about feeling beautiful & sexy in your natural element. now, im not tryna get down with the dreadlocks or bird seeds in my hair just yet lol. to be honest, i wont even promise that i've abandoned weaves. still, i'll say this: if weaves went out of style (i mean REALLY out of style like FUBU and boost mobile chip phones), i wouldn't lose much sleep :]


spit yo game, talk yo shxt .

"Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast." - Jane Austen


shady maybe market value .

you are a brand.
yes, since the day you were able to compose self-conscious and vain thoughts, self-representation has become top priority.
today, we recognize that our name is of extreme significance ... it is the legacy that we leave behind and the dense aura that follows us everywhere we go.
when people say your name, you have a certain expected connotation that you hope sprouts from their mind. your face, your spirit, your style, your circle of friends, and with whom you spend your intimacy.

relationships are simply corporation mergers with kisses, hickeys, and loud arguments in the middle of parties. by default, you and your significant other are associated with one another and believe me ... people watch. now, i am not suggesting that you give a considerable thought about what people have to say. nevertheless, it helps to be aware that you are a brand, a name, - and when you're in a relationship representation of someone else's name. For two reasons in particular, you should acknowledge your brand. you (YES WHOEVER YOU ARE) should be more considerate of your boyfriend/girlfriend's affiliation with you.

(1) put on some dawgon' clothes ! i am utterly exhausted when i see girl's getting into relationships and then letting  themselves go. If i hear, "I ain't trynaa impress nobody. My boyfriend likes me and that's all that matters" i just might drop dead of disappointment. There is no reason to wear holey sweatpants and hoodies everyday just because you have a boyfriend. do your hair once and a while, sheesh. in case you didn't know, you represent his brand. who wants to be associated with a tagged, rusty poster instead of a time-square quality billboard? No man wants to be associated with a retail leper girlfriend.
  • there are some exceptions. if you always dressed like a bum and continue to do so when you got cuffed, kudos. im speaking to people who let themselves go. also, their are some significant others who do not want you to look good out of jealousy and their own insecurities....corre hacia las colinas.
(2) do not cheat. i think it's malicious when guys want to be "claimed"/display affection publicly, but have no intention on becoming faithful. consequently, while your girlfriend is yelling to the mountain tops about her relationship and posting your name in her "in a relationship" facebook blank, she will be humiliated when you play her to the left. you represent her brand so think hard next time youre cheating . what happens in the dark will always come to light .

respect the organization, protect your brand.


2pac "keep ya head up" . sense made.

And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
I think it's time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don't we'll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can't make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
So will the real men [get up]
I know you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up...