the extended metaphor .

extended metaphor (n) : An extended metaphor, also called a conceit, is a metaphor that continues into the sentences that follow. It is often developed at great length, occurring frequently in or throughout a work,especially effective in poems and fiction [& Hip Hop].

man . people don't understand my love for music . my understanding . my frustration . i think people underestimate the capabilities of it all . do you know how many hip hop artists use extended metaphor in their songs ? did you even know what an extended metaphor was until right now ? lol its cool . . . imma nerd & i love english . I'm just saying that it's applicable to hip hop . The greatest emcees are smart men . they know what they do to our ears and minds . Although Gucci is one of the most eloquently spoken, brilliant, deep artists of our time [psh please face] ... these artists MIGHT just hold a candle .

extended metaphor:

'I used to love H.E.R' by common: throughout the entire song , common refers to a lady who he used to love . she became more mainstream and left him hanging (even though he loved her when she was nobody) . but he's referring to Hip Hop all along .

'Homecoming' by Kanye: He talks about this girl named "wendy/WINDY" and all about her tough spirit. Kanye talks about his love for this girl and how she made him who he is today . . . turns out, the girl is Chicago .

'Gangsta Lean' by Clipse & Pharrell: They address a girl that they say is 'from Jamaica' ...'make em wanna roll her up and then she make their body slump . ' they say their in love . . . but little do you know ... it's marijuana -_- lol .

hip hop is bigger, smarter, crazier, hotter, really, cleverer . . . thank you think .

xoxo, the nerdy music loving girl .

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