why we digg rihanna:

In early romantic & victorian literature, a pleasing woman was tamed, quiet, and ultimately "milk" (void of all flavor and exceptional taste). Even more important, women were unappealing if they had been "vexed" in any type of way.

1. (of a problem or issue) Difficult and much debated; problematic.

any woman who ever came from a dishonorable family. a woman who was missing a mother or father. a woman with an illegitimate birth, or a women who was a victim of abuse.

Rhianna is the anti-woman reincarnate. She breaks the rules in so many ways that you almost have to take her in doses. From her accent to her violent lyrics, she is the epitome of everything that is NON-traditional-eurocentric. She is the voice for any woman who feels like she does not meet the status quo of what it means to be the "perfect woman". Although she is hyper-sexual (which could easily be called an effect of misogynist pressures), she fights through her music. After watching her domestic violence quarrel debut across the world, she made a clear and conscious decision not to be the good girl anymore. consequently, She brings out the dark & "loud" side in the timid & meek girls.

Rhianna is our unconscious, that loud and volatile beast inside of our souls that we're too afraid to unleash.

Rihanna- Man Down


  1. Well said.

    I have to say though I followed the singer from her initial "Pon de Replay" innocent get-up, her transformation since then has only lured me in.

    The dark nature of her lyrics and persona has an addicting "i shouldn't look but I'm looking anyway" kind of effect.

    I love it. Great Post.

  2. yeaaah, it's always interesting to realize that celebs are humans too. they grow and fall and transform just like everyone else.

    thanks love :)