the 'turnt up' rules .

After a year and a half of staying in the Dirty South and about 18 in Cali, i think i have some insight about Partying lol . Here are the rules:

1. do NOT drink & drive . Do you really start 2010 with a DUI charge ? boooooo .

2. DON'T shoot pistols into the air, dummy . lol you don't know where that bullets gunna go .

3. No drunken phone calls to Ex's (pahaha, you know who you are) .

4. Watch your drinks !! People slip ruffies ! [have we learned nothing from 'The Hangover'?] lol .

5. Wearing high heels and tight dresses does NOT guarantee a fun night ! [i posted it Hen lol] Therefore, don't turn down a good time just because it's not 'Hollywood enough' for you .

6. No fighting . contrary to popular belief, the guy starting a fight in the party is considered a 'douche bag' not the sexy bad guy lol .

7. Girls, don't mean mug in the club . . . it's not right to come into 2010 jealous . Just make sure to dress better next time & maybe you wont feel so intimidated next time :)

8. If you're single, i repeat IF YOU'RE SINGLE lol . . . make sure to shimmy near someone really cute during the countdown . Even if you're not into the random kissing of guys, i'd hate to be yanked by some random boogawolf in the corner . GROSS ! lol .

*ps. to you relationship-ees . getting snapped and posted on fb sucking face with someone other than your gf or bf might be a weird way to enter 2010 , just maybe ? lol .

9. If Gucci, Travis Porter, Snoop, or PDiddy is played . . . you are officially allowed to act a fool (its true, i checked the party handbook) lol .

10 . PLEASE HAVE FUN !! Don't be so hung up on where you are as much as who you are with . Enjoy your friends (if they're anything like mine, you should have fun anyway) =DD . PARTY HARDY !! :)

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