baby, you parched !

today on facebook (fb). . . lmfbo ,

a couple broke up . it was sad , and i don't even know em like that ... i just felt bad for them . she was sad and he was sad too . a break up is never really easy , especially when your dealing with fb . it's just a messy, public, weird situation if i must say so myself .

so, the guy's post says '____ went from married to single' .

AND WHEN I TELL YOU THAT BROADS WERE FLOCKIN' TO COMMENT , i mean gross . girls had something to say left and right from 'so, how have you been?' to 'imma have to text you' to a smiley face of approval . lol . the girls who commented even saying 'ohhh no, i hope you're okay' were really saying 'call me, i wanna pick up the pieces' in girl talk . some girls simply said, "i miss you ." like . . . seriously ? smh . i find that highlyyyyy thirsty and desperate . the boy has been 'single' for one day and girls are already hopping on his life . i think it's dumb, ridiculous & hella oblivious to the relationship that was just in affect a day ago ahah . i personally dont trust females . . . they prowl like damn felines . especially in LA . girls dont need an invite from a guy to try and 'swoop' lol . it's like taking someone's boyfriend will validate who they are ? a shame ! lol

so, i have a question addressed to men :
is it attractive when women do stuff like that ? my position is apparent, but be real lol .

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