sous-estimer .

take my intelligence , strangle it with both hands and bury it near the rest of your bull .

underestimating my intelligence can be equated with scraping a chalkboard in my ear while watching a marathon of George Bush's speeches . don't you hate when people think THEY'RE over your head ? i do . trying to run things past me like i cant tell . sly remarks . thinking that riding the borderline of right & wrong does not make me pay attention .

i read a book when i was seventeen called 'invisible man' . One of the characters believed strongly that you can cripple an oppressor by acting like everything is okay . He said, "undermine them with 'yessuhs' and 'okays' ". Now, this is either a cowardly approach for not standing up for yourself OR a smart one . A lot of the time, people pick the wrong battles with people . Me, for example, i am an observant person . If a person is knowingly doing me dirt, i like to watch . plain and simple . i can tell a lot about a person if they still continue to do wrong to me JUST because they 'think' i cant tell .

friends who steal from you . lmfbo
"relatives" who flirt with your significant other .
boyfriends/girlfriends that cant let go of baggage .
friends who lie to you constantly .
friends that compete with you and never wish you well .

Now, sometimes . . . people don't know that they are wrong & that's when a situation is worth addressing . Other times, however, i am that man from the story . i observe until i am ready to speak about it . . . and by then, it's all bad . someone like me who hates to feel manipulated . someone like me who is prideful . someone like me, or you or you or you ... should consider undermining by observation ?

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