bridezilla .

the boobie-trap .
the wammy .
the ambition that blinds us to the full extent of ignorance .

the idea of 'bride' .

little girls staring at their mother's wedding pictures . little girls talking about the themes they want for their big day . most of the time they were tacky little ideas that never made any sense . BUT , these initial hopes of a happily ever after were only pitch black glasses that we wore while driving through life .

women idolize the idea of a wedding more than the idea of being married to another human being . A wedding should never overshadow the union between two people . Girls look forward to the 'display' of happiness that they dont focus their energy on finding the right person . Wedding gowns , brides maids, venues, the perfect shoes, and color schemes . . . i honestly feel like 80% of women would say yes to a marriage proposal because of their wedding ambitions (as opposed to being in unconditional love). Nothings wrong with having a dream wedding and finally living out the dream of your childhood . Nothing is wrong with wanting a marriage . Theyre both beautiful things . I just wish that people held both the wedding and marriage in the same esteem .

ME, im more excited about my cake than i am about my wedding lol . (dont judge me, im working on it lol ). My friends say that ive never been a person who believed in the "L" word or the "M" word . nonsense . i believe in both , maybe even more than them lol . However, i like to include the variable that everyone else is too scared to . TIME . over time, the concepts of love and marriage have changed . I know people who say, "yea, i'll probably be married twice" . WTF ? who aspires to divorce ? With that being said, i just think REAL Marriage and Love are two rare commodities & they deserve to be approached with care and patience ?

dont shoot the messenger . she's just a nostalgic romantic ?

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