forty-one 'who cares' facts :)

  1. i have to sleep with socks .

  2. sometimes, i say a 'grateful prayer' in the middle of my meal cause it's so good .

  3. i am wise . [not a cocky statement, an obvious one]

  4. I'm determined to get beyonce's booty . one day, one day .

  5. i want another 'college dropout' type album from Kanye .

  6. sigh, yes . i have a lot of feminist tendencies .

  7. i hate braids on everyone . . . EXCEPT omarion . <--- that went to hell .

  8. me and God go way back . God is really one of my best friends .

  9. believe it or not, i am a very private person .

  10. snuggling, embracing & biting are beautiful things . lol

  11. i used to love keri hilson , until her arrogance & hen's infatuation got in the way .

  12. i can count the number of times that me and my bro have fought on one hand lol .

  13. i love DIDDY . i think he's frickin hilarious & obnoxious at the same time (:

  14. michael kors is one of the most slept on watch makers EVER .

  15. my friends say I'm mean to boys .

  16. i have an extraordinary ability to read people by their eyes . crazy .

  17. i have yet to like one of my close friend's boyfriends =/

  18. i love clothes . i love shoes . i love jewelry . & i love make-up .

  19. . . . i was a tomboy when i was young .

  20. when i was 6, my long individuals got caught in a gate and it flung me 3 feet into the air .

  21. fuchsia is my color .

  22. i hate when people try to label me . suck my toe .

  23. its very hard for me to trust . but once i do, I'm very trustworthy :)

  24. my mom is the prototype for the woman i wanna be .

  25. i believe blood is thicker than water . . .

  26. but blood stains, water doesn't . sometimes relatives can be haters too, smh .

  27. i love open and honest people , those are the most courageous .

  28. i use to own a dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, fish, and a tortoise . =X

  29. my parents and grandparents had a marriage that i want one day .

  30. YAMS are my favorite food . yumm

  31. grey's anatomy is the best show on television .

  32. my favorite types of movie: heist movies, love movies, action flicks :)

  33. ill never be anybody but myself .

  34. 'fresh scent' air freshener is thee best man .

  35. i feel like money is equated to rain because it slips right through my fingers =(

  36. wigs make me sad . don't ask

  37. no matter what group of friends i have, I'm always the 'cool mom' .

  38. i seriously feel like weed should be legalized . if deadly cigarettes can be used to make a profit, then it's hypocritical to discuss the ethics of legalizing marijuana .

  39. love jones always makes me blush .

  40. i wont allow myself to be intimidated by other girl's appearance . that's just dumb lol .
  41. torin said he thinks i have criptonite in my vagina . i still giggle when i think about it lol !

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