some things just dont go together ?

but you see , he's just a man at the end of the day .
men .
the simplicity of a man is what complicates women the most . we cannot differentiate their logic from retardation & that makes us the fool . Men's moral compass aims towards the north while a woman's moral thermometer is lacking the needed mercury .

in a man's mind, right and wrong are kept in separate hefty bags . Women's sense of these concepts are bound together by yarn and ribbon . Emotions are so slippery and we can rarely hold on tight to some stability . Men, on the other hand, keep theirs in a safe that is unlocked only when angry or in love .

Oh, but the latter . It seems as if men and women are puzzle pieces with a glitch . We were made to fit with each other , but a lot of the times ... it's like an OJ glove . Maybe, just maybe . . . the surface of materialism and network have blinded us to the real reason people fit . I never hear that people 'have chemistry' anymore . I hear about a girl being 'bad' . I hear about a guy 'being sweet'. However, our personalities are like strands of DNA . . . different for everyone . Even fake people have a life that no one else can say they've had . Just because a person dresses nice like you do does not make you compatible . The basics are all fine and dandy, but a lot of the time ... people dont know what went wrong . your puzzle pieces dont fit -_-

Guys, when is the last time you chilled with a girl who made YOU have butterflies ? Girls, when is the last time a guy made you feel completely secure about your relationship ? Like no other girl could possibly offer what you can ? Have you guys ever laughed together [not you saying jokes and the other laughing but laughing together in unison] ? Chemistry is a vital entity . A connection is the key ingredient & foundation for the future bricks to come . Just keep that in mind before you settle for a person's resume , make sure you go well togehter . Everyone's ingredients arent meant to mix :)

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