Besides the fact that Nicki Minaj is probably the anti-christ , she is alright in my book . lmfbo, naw furreal Nicki's confidence and swagg is definitely one to be admired . She has the whole 'oochie wallie' demographic of the US calling themselves "barbies". Look, Nicki minaj still wears full out valour suits and cheap, metallic belts ... but she does it with a badddd confidence . i love that . although she's bisexual & makes some of the weirdest faces ive ever seen on a rapper , she is definitely a force to be wreckoned with in the female rap game .

But fellas, you need to be real with yourselves . If you wanna 'wife' nicki minaj, you have a thing for hoodrats . lmbo . when Nicki first came out, omg ...she was rough . However, she has come a long way ...just look it up . And LADIES , stop biting her style !! im so tired of every girl callin themselves a barbie ... ugh . Find your own individuality and let the Queens native-harajuku barbie be the Queens native harajuku barbie !! lol How can girls feel comfortable pressin' a another girls' swag ?

the young money 'bedrock' music video premiered today and i love it :) . ill post it later !!

muah !! <3


  1. I must agree but Nikki is my bitch though.. (in light of being a hoodrat) lmao.. I love her swag and respect her.. hey! she never said she was tryna be a role model ... im not swag jackin but every girl has a lil bit of Barbie in her (wink wink**)

  2. "oochie wallie' demographic" hahahahahahaha