this is a public service announcement:

it is about time that we, as college students, acknowledge the triviality of superficiality. i understand that an underlying message and theme of college is "success". i won't bore you with the "what is success" speech, but i'll just say this: these days, (unfortunately) my recent conversations and interactions have been full of people whose lives revolve around money, clothes, and attaining "college celebrity". Now, please understand me. I know that people should not be penalized for what they have or taking pride in how they look. I take personal pride in both aspects of my life as well. but these people are simply IDOLIZING the "hype". how to be the "big man on campus" as if that "abominable snow man" urban legend even exists. louis vuitton, mercedes benz, 100% indian weave hair (lol), watches, iphones, "having hoes" and social titles are 'substantial' in some crowds. Nevertheless, a beautiful exterior cannot compensate for an ugly soul.

like a festering sore, this obsession with superficiality bleeds mucus and puss-filled ambition that silences our ethics...our morals. and like idiots, we'll blindly neglect our inner beliefs and principles to gain the approval for people around us who are clearrrrly just as lost and clueless. Look around, who has it all figured out around you? Who is above insecurites? Who is above God's judgement? Who is above shame? ... most definitely not your peers. If i took society's approval to the pawn shop of salvation, i'm sure i would receive nothing in return ... to say that it's worthless would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

It's pitiful to me when i see people dedicating their lives towards such an empty goal as social acceptance. Dont get me wrong, some people are simply social & personable - people are naturally atracted to their magnetic character. I get that. Nevertheless, some people will do anything to keep their names in others' mouths. POPULARITY is not as powerful as eternal substance. POPULARITY is outdated with air forces and casette tapes. the same people who praise you will turn on you tomorrow. Lauryn Hill said, "They'll hail you, then nail you...no matter who you are." You may be the "baddest girl" on campus or the most talked about guy to the girls, but they'll find someone new to flatter tomorrow. with all of that being said, I TAKE PRIDE IN THE FACT THAT I dont care how well your face is constructed, i'll never be attracted to an ugly soul ... so, if you suffer from "social acceptance fanatic syndrome" ... lets not meet & you can say we did.


strip tease.

life dwindles down to the battle of layers.
like paper mache, facades are smoothed onto the surface.
we'll gamble our lives away for these sticky layers, validation.
stacking misconstrued identities on top of one another:

the preconceived notions of womanhood
the implications of being black
the Spelmanite mask
and this,
and that,
and this and this and that and that ...

we press these layers to our soul to keep the world at bay
these layers-
hiding our dorky laughter, our inhabitions, our raw ingredients.
we use fashion labels and Twitter personas as masks to conceal our spiritual blemishes.
we are the Eves & Adams of this generation, ashamed of our bare substance ...
diving behind the bushes of society's poor substance.

as for me,
everyday is a conscious decision to strip.
before i am a woman, before i am black ... i am human ... & i'm proud of my naked soul.


homage to adele .


In"Do the Right Thing", Radio Raheem delivers one of the most EPIC speeches in a spike lee film.

Radio almost understood .

But the left hand is where love resides.
the left is uncommon.
the underdog.
& very few can use it.

The right hand harbors hatred.
It seems "right" to hate people, to lose hope. to plant & grow negativity.
the right is the mundane,
the "norm"
the usual.

love is always tried and underestimated.
love is always misunderstood and kept at bay.
love is patient.
love doesn't get the shine.
love caused the million man march.
love is where smiles live.
BUT, like the left hand:
love. is... often times forgotten.

but just when you think the "societal acceptable" will prevail ... BOOM ! real love comes in for the K.O.


discrepancies .

"language is an imperfect medium."

have you ever had so much to say, but the appropriate words could not seem to shimmy up your throat & out of your lips? ever said something and the other person completely misinterpreted ... simply because there were no words to explain how you felt?
words are only letters organized in a specific order to represent thought & emotion. the key concept is REPRESENTATION.

in my romantic literature class, we pay homage to people who could muster up artificially processed feelings of heartbreak and disaster in love.

in my myth and epic class, our mouths water at the talented authors who created literary prototypes of heroism and the femme fatale.

language arts are just that - the artistic expression and mastering of language. as much as i love to write and use the medium for expression, i must admit it has its handicaps.

although i have read dozens of novels and articles, no one has ever convinced me of a concrete description of fate, death, or heartbreak. no words could ever adequately describe the posession of true, selfless, agape love. those concepts (and i use the word loosely seeing how there is no perfect word to label those things) are too complex to spill onto loose leaf.

i've come to the conclusion that some feelings, some explanations ... are simply reserved for the soul.


- - a post for you.

essentially, it was because ... she was in lust with life .
'cause i can't fathom any reason for her sadist melancholy movement.
slithering around with an empty existence, sniffing for something.
-something, anything that would fill her insides and make her high.

OH, that high.
that's all she wanted like "winos want they good whiskey".
she. craved. minuscule. things.
intangible things.
diminishable things.
she licked her lips for anything
that would abandon her throughout the cold night.

it was only because she was in lust with life.
waiting to be pleasured, waiting for life to gaze her way.
so, she tried on "titles" like masks - hoping that societal justification would be the primer. after she took one mask off, she crushed them into
P I E C E S to fill her empty voids.
nothing helped.

how could she know that being life's sideline hoe would screw her over? nothing to hold on to when being spun around in circles. but she merely tolerated her paramour,
... misunderstood it
... belittled it.
-her lust with life infected her with Socially Transmitted Diseases & impregnated her with opportunistic "friends".
she wants to be a star, but that's only hot air.
if only she'd fall in LOVE with life ...


Javon Johnson "Dear Tiger"

i'll probably never get tired of him performing this. i was in awe at the lounge...


5 the things that girls won't usually say:

im outside of myself these days .
lately, i have had some of the most interesting interactions with "men" (and i use the term loosely) & heard some of the craziest stories . out of mere empathetic motive, i want to impart some wisdom upon you:

1. this is number one because it is the most annoying: do NOT ask females to send you pictures. i understand that it can help differentiate the rats from the elite females, but it can just as easily make the ladies feel like you're a creep. it only gives the impression that you're extremely anxious. when a man asks for pictures, i imagine those wolves in the cartoons who are panting with their tongues out. sit down somewhere .

2. men and women like to rush. sometimes, i wish everyone could just take things a bit slower, instead of submitting to the "fast-paced", microwavable lifestyle of Americans. Women are always accused of wanting relationships entirely too soon & men like to play it "cool". Nevertheless, guys rush into sex just as quickly and then wonder why women are turned off. hmm.

3. as a sidebar to my previously mentioned point, MEN ... do not assume that a girl wants a relationship. I understand that some females can be crazy & imagine you in a groom's tux before you can fully introduce yourself. nevertheless, dont assume that she wants that from you. maybe you arent even boyfriend material? AND just because YOU'RE ready for a relationship, doesn't mean she is too. assumptions can turn a really good, casual thing into a girl shimmying into the nearest bathroom when you walk in her direction.

4. a narcissistic male is one of thee most unattractive things ... to a lot of females. not only is talking about YOURSELF for numerous hours ...boring beyond description, but it makes you exude a feminine demeanor that's unattractive. it's almost like standing with a girl youre dating & gazing into your MAC make-up compact the entire time. Even worse, these same men like to make assumptions about a girl they're dating when they haven't even taken the time to ask her about herself. they like to sum her up out of convenience instead of evidence... (where they do that at?)

5. number five is a personal thing, i guess. i dont want to be a man's mother. i understand that moms have an innate ability to nurture and care for their boys. Similarly, i'd love to be my man's support system and alla that. BUT, wanting a woman to discipline you into being faithful or "changing your ways" is the job qualification of a babysitter or nanny. Besides, how can you expect a woman to treat you like a mother and you treat her like a "bitch"? logically, it makes no sense & hints at some mentally displaced issues lol.

a bit of music from Jhene Aiko's mixtape...it's great lol