these 3 words .

then he said it .
and that word is a Marry Poppins bag .
the contents and capabilities are of infinite possibility .

just when i ran out of words to say,
he gave me three .
a phrase that crunched the plans, and rules, and s t r u c t u r e .
those words took to body like nylon stockings .

hot like fire in winter frost .
soft. sweet. & why it makes us feel secure, unexplainable .
that word makes every bit of life transform into sepia .
so classic, so simple, so surreal .

those words .
so rough and so soft at the same, precise time .
that word .
wrapped around my neck and pulled me close ,
passion and concern braided together by a word .

words are only letters . letters constructed to communicate .
God , however . . . put something special into the construction of that word .


no matter what the tongue, God picked "it" and "it" engulfs us whenever it's thrown off of our hearts . It's often used in vain. oh, but when it is genuine . . . when he said it . . .
that was an act of God .

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