realist rain .

utopias never last for too long .
adam and eve had a good thing going until the third
party of the snake was dropped into the equation .

a garden of numerous , healthy greens sprouted in a
healthy frenzy .

flowers of magenta, violet, and reds inhaled the
precious air of earth .

vegetation swelled the expanse of the earth in a
wet growth .

then a snake .

at the age of nineteen, i honestly can't know everything . i havent lived long enough to know everything . one thing i do know is a common misconception among people about life . People seem to think that there is always one solution to problems that life throws your way. i said in a previous post that there are merely paths , not answers . This concept scares the life out of people because we love SOLUTIONS, not choices .

we ask ourselves why a girl is promiscuous and we want to assume its because she is 'thirsty' . it's too complex for us to consider her father's abandonment or her sexual molestation or the things her mother taught her about never 'falling in love' . we ask ourselves why your guy would cheat and we want to say he's a bad guy . it'd be way too difficult to include the fact that he's never seen a successful relationship or that he genuinely has feelings for two women and doesnt know what to do . That does not justify either of the behaviors, but it makes things just a little more complicated than we would hope for . we wonder: is it better to not trust ANYONE or is it better to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong . The problem is , there is no right answer . one answer is bound to fail you eventually . that's the scary part .

so maybe Utopia's do not exist . maybe they do . In the beginning of my post i said they can "never" work . That's just my way of trying to write the rules . Uncertainty makes the cleanest house a messy one . the concept of a utopia is simply an unfinished fairy tale . problems and snakes are going to appear, the idea is to simply understand which path youre going to take .

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