have a ... day .

at the end of the day, nothing matters that much .
i was thinking [like always] & i realized that people care too much about things that will be irrelevant later . people are worried about having no money today, but they know theyre gunna get summore in a week or two . sure, its annoying ... but nothing to worry over . people worry about a F that they got on a test 3days ago . wth ? it already happened . all you can do is study for the next test . whats done is done . worrying about clothes that will be out of style in a month, or 'pimpin your ride' so you can find girls who like you for all the wrong reasons . yummy lol . girls worrying about a guy that hasnt called ... so what ? i mean it may suck, but if he isnt putting in the effort, apparently he isnt for you . keep it pushin ! sheeeeeesh ;

life is all about perspective. what may seem like the craziest circumstance is not really big when looked at from a different angle . just a thought :)

so, have a nice day ... but thats up to you .

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  1. this is exactly what i needed to hear at this very moment.