"spelhouse" my anus .

so .

basically .

i have come to realize that spelman and morehouse are full of bullshiznit . How come people dont know how to interact with one another? When i walk over to morehouse, there is this subliminal "omg a girl is here" poison in the atmosphere. I have never ecountered so much cucakin' in all of my days . thirst is at an all time high . <-- [spelman girls be on the prowl for their morehouse husband haha, psh hella eager]. i mean, nothing is wrong with meeting someone who makes you wanna nibble on them (hehe). nothing is wrong with finding a person who you click with, who you wanna be intimate with...get to know more & more .

but nonetheless, what happened to the female and male friendship ? if im chillin with my morehouse brother in the grill, it has to 'look like' something else. if a guy and girl chill at jazzmans, they gotta be talkin ? if a chick has numerous guy friends (which i prefer anyway)...she has to be a slut ? miss me with that bullshxt . where do these people come from anyway ? guys and girls can co-exist in harmony i swear . just try it out . man, it has to be this deprivation of male & female interaction that makes people into minddrones who dont know how to casually be . just be .

so many people who came to the AUC were lames in highschool and are trying to make up for lost times by being 'mr' & 'ms' AUC in college. muaha , get that nonsense outta here . who wants to be popular in college anyway ? worry about a career path or somethin, not about who knows you around campus. s q u a r e ? lol . i feel like im in highschool all over again . little boys dont know how to ask you to chill without making it a big deal...girls feel threatened if they see you givin daps & hugs to their dude. everything is sucha big deal at spelman and morehouse. sheesh , when does the growing up start ?

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