g r o o o o o v y baybeeee .

man . i had a fun weekend :)

life is all about perspective & i cant stress it enough . my day could have been seen as either hella sus or amazingly blissful !! and today was definitely a positive one .

but man, this weekend man:
seeing friends, eating good food, laughin & chillin, biting, smiling & blushing . pretty awesome ;

as i listen to my hall neighbors sing 'ex factor' by lauryn hill , i cant help but smile because i know what its like to be in a spazz at 3am . lol --> big upss to jamila & taara . haha

just drama free, loving life, having fun, searching for some things, but ... not stressing it . just havin experiences . breathing . eating . blinking . kissing . hugging . observing . speaking . thinking . living .

xoxo .. all my love,
stevi renee .

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