stevi's response to: individuality, it can take you far

basically, iman feels like we need to copywrite our individuality . haha . i mean, people are going to bite style regardless . so i have learned to sit back and embrace the situation .

but what is individuality really ? its only relative in its context . i was "different" back home because i was smart and hung out with 'questionable people' ahah . i was an individual because i was the good girl, but i was personable . i wasnt the center of drama . i didnt get into relationships often (cause i didnt have the energy). i was different cause iman and myself knew all the lyrics to lil wayne mixtapes, all of kanye's songs, and could mimick the beat to 'she lives in my lap' like a machine . haha

but thats home .

in a college setting, there are plenty of beautiful, smart, driven women .

my point is, my soul is different. like a fingerprint, my soul is created specifically for me . no one can be me at the end of the day. no one has my exact sense of humor. my smart mouth . my focus . my self-respect . style sense comes and goes ... but my 'me' is always something extraordinary.

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