topic of the week continueeeed by stevi ...

so we have a 'topic of the week' on my group blog & i just had to continue the convo here :
"what is your philosophy on love?"

as i said in my other blog: 'love will getchu kill't!' lol .
i mean, im just not sure if true love exists anymore in todays society. so much has changed from the 'good ol days' . i know what real love looks like because i saw it in my grandparents and my parents. i am not looking from a naive scope, im looking from a skeptical one... trust me . my grandmother married my papa after she dropped out of college for him . hell, we all know thats not happenin these days . women are feminists and would never dare to stop their career for a man (good or bad, take it as you want) . they had a partnership and trust . they were faithful. i would be dishonoring my grandad to say he ever cheated on my nana . he's the epitome of a real man . however, if he did ... at least he loved her enough not to get caught .

these days, life is not the same . intimacy is not the same . dating is not the same . networking is way too easy . gender roles have changed . i mean, back in the day ... men met a couple of women in their lifetime and they fell in love . these days, men meet about 100 women a week (roughly) & are expected to stay faithful . slutty women, smart women, redheads, tatted women, fat women, women in art, women in business, blah blah . a set up for failure ... i dont put it past any guy to cheat with today's 'meet people' obsessed society . love used to mean something, now its an incentive to beat that meat . i have been in love . & someone has claimed to love me . but 'true love' to me ... implies that [selflessness, generosity, and trustworthiness] go both ways .

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