my favorite posts :)

i wish i could say whats on my mind .
but nothing is on it .
rather than being a flat surface like a coffee table ,
my mind is shaped more so like a pyramid . many thoughts crowd the bottom clawing their way to the top & being pulled down by the other insignificant ones .
the top of my mind is the residence of one single thought at a time .
it might sound like a blessing, but it's more so a burden .
the thought racks my mind until it surrenders & then racks it more .
because of that ^ , i started blogging . which makes me aknowledge my favorite ones:

1. f*cked up color [january]
2. white oleanders [january]
3. spoiled lil LA girl [march]
4. b r e a t h i n g [april]
5. signed, your secret admirer [march]
6. my artist [march]
7. heroes in love [march]
8. =D [february]
9. mmm. californication [march]
10. titanium roses [january]

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