silence is golden, but never let yourself be silenced .

i can tell when a girl is gossiping by the way her eyebrows move .
i can tell when a guy is full of shxt by the way his eyes shift .
i can smell manipulation when its brewing in your mind .
my obstacle is never deciphering the legit from the nonsense of people . the time consumer is always the decision to appease it or address it .
well, lets address it shall we ?
when you grin in my face and say hi, it means nothing when your soul screams of insecurity.
no need to wave your hands when they're scarred with the backstabbing of yesterdays .
speaking up on me and what i 'might' be doing ... but youre a mute nonetheless .
with all of the synonyms, metaphors, and imagery aside ...

sometimes ... i just wanna slap the dog sh*t out of you people . lol
all these dramatic girls. fighting over boys & jealousy . never worth it .
sheesh, you're a joke .
i entertain their coonery because i find it amusing .
knee slapper . haha

* shouts out to all the real people ! my love goes out to you :)