earth day . go green before we go black .

the earth is our global body .
we're tatooing our earth's skin with massive pollution and consumption .
we suffocate our body's atmosphere with our vehicle gasses, industrial plants, and deforestation. we wear a global warming blanket of selfishness and naivete too thick to relieve our body of the heat . so instead, we burn .

our glaciers burn & melt.
water levels rising . people dying . we turn our backs, because it is not us ... yet.
we're expected to finally peel our eyes when the coasts of cali and new york sink like fat women in swimming pools ?

can you imagine a world with no plants ? no animals ? tornadoes in LA and drought in seattle ? another katrina catastrophe ? storms and fires and chaos galour . fire and ice twisted up together to burn us to death , then freeze us to say "i told you so" .

Americans are the anorexic, cutting, suicidal component of the earth's mind . why we consume so much ? i dont know exactly . but we are so arrogant, we use up everyone elses things . people are starving and suffering . we muffle their cries by running the water when we leave the room . we ease our ears by leaving all the lights on in the house when we go to the mall ... to buy up everything and toss it in 3 months .

God . help us .

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