a ballerina with a pistol .

omg . can everyone stop sleeping on lily allen ? who can have such a soft, sweet voice & say such cold, truthful things . i think thats talent . through her music, she makes things easier to say .

"i could say that ill always be here for you, but that would be a lie and quite a pointless thing to do." -(i could say)

with the melodic vocals & simplistic music, she's able rip the bandaid off and keeps it pushin' . we may not agree on every stance (beliefs and moral wise), but she is definitely a force to be reckoned with . completely enjoyable. she could insult me everyday , and somehow i would still probably feel like she's sucha sweet girl . lol
"how on earth could i ever be any more obvious? it never really did and its never gonna happen with the two of us. " -(never gonna happen)
with all off the sweet "la la la's" and "da dada's", she has the perfect breakup, dontgiveaf*ck, ruthless, hippie album . and even though she still rocks bamboo earrings, she is still pretty cool in my book aha . check her ouuuuut :)

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