b r e a t h i n g .

she wants to stare directly at the sun for a while .
let the rays of bright sink into her pupils & drown her iris .
some things are blissful, but its damn near impossible to articulate the reasons why .
she doesnt fully understand my she walks into the post office room to smell the atmosphere of envelopes .
she cant justify her obsession with eccentric things .
between the rush of breeze on her neck & the trickle of sweat down her ankle, she cant explain.
the sensation of breaking in new eyeshadows of grand gold & metallic magenta .
fighting the urges of her divergent thinking .
fighting the urges of her thighs to hop on tables & dance for a while .
wanting to stop when she stops & explain herself to no one .

she wants to lick her wrists to soothe them of today's tense fighting of fists .
colors only build the stamina they do because she allows it . without her permission, reds and blues have no piercing pressence in her eyes .
sometimes, she feels as if she's in her own VIP dimension.
her body so exclusive that it selects which oxygen molecules enter her domain & which are forced to mingle outside .
head leaned back .
back arched .
eyes closed & arms to her side .

she decided to live ;

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