haha . i normally dont do this but ...

hehe , whoooopsie is a funny word, admitted lmxo .

so , last night while i ate theeeee biggest bucket of curly fries, chocolate chip mint icecream, and an almond snickers bar ... i needed something to make me laugh hard . i mean hard . so, i was browsing my bloggers & i came across my main apple scrapple iman's post. lmxo (to say the least) ! i usually dont do this, but ilher so much and when she's high, haha ..i love her like 2 lbs more . enjoy :)

imans post:
" its 1o2 degrees in riverside, so i dont really NEED a light.
i choose to have one , just like i choose to celebrate this holiday.
its like christmas .

nd when i was a kid i would say, " theres fathers day and mothers day. wut about teenagers day? >:o"this IS Teenagers Day . lol.
and a high school 4.2o is soo much more different than a college 4.2o.at college , it seems like ERYBODYS high !erybodys happy and euphoric .. and hungry and slow-paced .lol .

ive been goooood since 10 this morning .
i plan to be good till 12 midnight .some may think its crazy , but its true .

and some are gunna talk shit about me and all the other celebraters on this day ;
just remember to floss. :) haha that was kinda tightt ! shooottt .
im on a roll here ! get it? ROLL ? lol .
here i go tlkn to myself again , whoopsie .haha "whoopsie" . thts a funny ass word nigga !

...for the past 3o minutes i've been searching my room for something ..and for the last 28 minutes ive been tryna figure out what it was .

lol , all in the name of enlightenment. =D* happy 4.2o sukcaaaassss . "

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