fatima's 4.20 conclusion .

too many assignments to count .
tuition payments are due all of a sudden.
my class schedule for next semester is gunna be gross;
housing prices went up for next year .
i have a friggin presentation tomorrow for ADW .
spelfolio is due .
& i thought my homegirl had a good dude ...but once again . nigguhs aint shxt but hos & tricks .

* after thee longest, stressiest, sus-est, hardest, roughest day of my college career so far , fatima gave me a pep talk (everything is word for word ..even the 'blah blahs') lol:

" lets just smoke . We are responsible young ladies. We don't just 'not' do something when there's a deadline. We are capable of ..blah blah...we neeeeeed a big ol pat on the back. We are miles and miles away from our parents...we stay out so late & still sleep in our own beds. we aren't receiving any C's and we wake up for class. To conclude my ...blah blah blah...lets jusssssst HIT THAT BLEEEEEEZY !! "

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  1. LMAO..on bloods we gotta hit tht bleezy lol..i jus wrote the dumbest blog ever..but low key i can c myself likin it =)