my vagina says ...

today in African Diaspora and World class ... we discussed the liberation of women and the use of the word vagina . the word is so taboo in today's society . we saw some dance hall videos of jamaican women who sed that they danced provocatively because it was an opportunity to express themselves, blah blah . that's easily up for debate .

what i wonder is this .
why do we have such a hard time referring to our private parts as what they actually are ? instead, people say words like, "pussy, va-jayjay, dick, cock, etc" . (PS, dont act all shy now because you say it all of the time, no ?) . are we so uncomfortable with that concept of sexuality that we cant talk about it ? (btw, being comfortable doesnt mean having sex...it means accepting that its out there and making a decision to be involved or not.) sure, guys talk about their 'dick' alot .... to identify with their manhood probably. but why dont they use the biological term "penis"? does that make sexuality too serious ? does a sense of responsibility set in that they subconsciously repress ? i know it sounds too deep to be real, but everything has a meaning behind it .

i was always taught to say 'vagina'. hell, its what i have . my mother wanted me to get all the information from her rather than the playground. liberation is completely subjective & depends on who the person is. sex is a tricky business that causes more consequences than people bargain for. people often call sex 'liberating', but end up a prisoner in all of the psychological boobie traps that it entails . with all of my personal views aside, lemme say ... be careful people .

just a thought or three :)


  1. i think its so funny that we both have this subject matter on our blogs...same title and everything. lol.

  2. i feeeeel this ! i never thought of it like that but its so true !

    and i just think that .. we do it bc thats wuut the rappers do . like if wayne said vagina instead of 'pussy' all the time ,i think we would too!
    lol, idk . just a thought. =]