my people! my people!

BABIES ARE NOT BARBIES . they are not to be made lightly . if you are still claimed as a dependant on your parents taxes, you are not in the position to have a baby . if you cant pass the CAHSEE, you are not in the position to have a child . If you dont know that condoms arent enough, you should not be having a baby ! we need to be teaching our young girls about protection and the canon of 'wolf words' that men use . "ill pull out ." "if you loveeeeee me thennnn you would doooo it." "ill just stick the head in?" & "you don't get pregnant everrrry time." those lines are the ones that leave fifteen year old girls holding their inflated stomachs in the mirror .

secondly, people are having babies and dont even understand them . If your baby is quoting "five star chick" and "photoshoot" ... that is NOT cute ! lol . letting your infant watch bloody, gut-slashing movies is dumb ! babies booty shaking & rolling their eyes are NOT cute ! cursing in front of your babies is dumb . unfortunately, people think that their kids are incapable of understanding .
" Children younger than one year old can learn words for things outside their daily routine, despite widespread belief to the contrary on the part of many parents, educators and researchers, who think learning specific words does not begin until well into the second year. " - the Daily News Central .

instead of letting your kids watch rihanna music videos, they should be reading a book or watching some hooked on phonics videos . babies don't have a choice about the life they are brought into . if you didn't graduate high school, it's your responsibility to give your child the option . if you are living in poverty, it's your responsibility to give up those high heels for educational programs . it's not fair for a child to be burdened by the mind of an immature parent . grow up my people .

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