my people! my people! attn: sidelines ...

dear insecure girl,

he has a girlfriend . yes . this guy that you are facebook stalking, texting, sexing and pursuing . . . yes him . he has a girlfriend . you try to numb your mind from your conscience inside that tugs on your heart strings . you try to justify your actions with, "i don't even know her . i don't owe her anything ." mmm . don't you owe yourself something ? some self-respect, integrity or dignity ? i know those are big words that you have not yet grown into . all you understand is your tendency to perform like a retarded chimpanzee . hmm, i dont mean to sound like someone's grandma, but vital values have been lost in the ladies of our generation .

[yes, men are held accountable too & theyre wrong . however, this is addressed to my fellow women who allow this triflin' shxt to keep happenin' . so if you let that little fact cloud your judgement, start from the beginning and re-read with a clear mind ... like i was saying : ]

when a guy pursues me and he has a girlfriend, i know i deserve better than to be some boy's 'sideline ho' . even more so, i think about his girlfriend . i have seen too many girls distraught over their boyfriend cheating or leaving them for someone else . I DONT WISH THAT ON ANYBODY . trust me, i had to learn the hard way . i have BEEN the girl to swoop on another girl's man before and that is just BAD karma . i mean, i never crossed boundaries ...but i never drew the line either . isn't that just as bad ? what goes around comes around and trust me ... nobody cheat's God's lesson .

if stealing someone's boyfriend makes you feel 'good' about yourself than you're too insecure for life lol . if you think that qualifies you to be the 'baddest bitch' ...then you're a joke sweetie . being 'badd' doesn't mean opening your legs to make a man cheat . vagina is vagina , "he is not f*cking you for your mind" -thea monyee . messing with another girl's boyfriend only makes you look like a thirst-bucket slut who's desperate . not to mention you lose a lot of respect from people, they'll just call you a "snake" . but aren't you ? laying on your back & belly ... tryna tempt Adam & Eve from their focus ? HMMM, IM JUST SAYIN' LOL .

... to my friends [you know who you are] , dont give up on being good women . dont give up on love . lil ratchet girls always get what they deserve & with time, GOOD men eventually learn what's truly important in their woman . i love you guys :)

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