ahh ! real monsters .

there's a monster in my closet .
not a skeleton exactly, but more of a ghost . yes a ghost . this terrifying ghost impersonates living memories, dying possibilities, and buried hope . it's a cruel little, large thing that taunts my heart everyday when i pass my closet . it reaches its claws at me to yank me in . . .and my soul runs towards safety . i tried to cram this little, large monster in between the rest of my things, distract me from its antagonizing . no use . it screams in the morning when im picking out my clothes & it snickers at night when im putting on my pj's .

even worse, no one else notices . it's making a piercing scream as i type, but no one hears it but me . it's shaking the hangers in my closet and scraping my shoes, but no one sees this but me . i want to grab it and stuff it in a garbage bag, suppress the oppressor . nevertheless, that would only anger it . im scared to get too close and have it chew at my heart . i swear it's not a figment of my imagination ! my tears are the video camera, case study, and evidence .


  1. you better NOT throw away my sweater.lol

  2. how could u do this....wallah!!!