ta-ta for now o_O

dear bloggers/followers/readers/anyone who cares ,

i will be on a quick blog break . it really sucks and i wish i didn't have to, but i think im developing carpal tunnel in my wrist and arm ... this makes it EXTREMELY painful to type . i have been typing & texting with my left hand hoping that it would get the job done , but that takes forever to get my thoughts across o_O. im gunna ice my wrist & try to find a sling (lmfbo). i can only 'not write' for so long . so i plan to be back on MARCH 12, 2010 :]

i appologize to the people who read everyday . i really love you guys, you're awesome and so supportive ! im going home this week and ill have more ammunition & inspiration to write about when i come back .. with three (exceptional) new posts , i promise . see you all on the 12th !

Stevi renee .


  1. Read you later

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