too many chiefs, not enough indians .

Dialogue makes the world go 'round .

I'm learning now that the conversations we have with people mold us into who we are . ideas are the clay to our soul . the ideas that we reject and the ideas that we receive make the difference in our personality . However, where do we get these ideas ? conversation .

conversation with my father teaches me about self respect and dignity . conversations with my grandparents teach me about dedication and wisdom . dialogue with my friend Fatima teaches me about society's perception and individualism . dialogue with my friend Kelinda shows me the presence and power of God . simply, conversation makes the world go around .

Today, in a shuttle to LAX i met a man from the Republic of Slovenia . He said it was the only country with the word 'love' in the middle [who knows if he was telling the truth? lol] . He had gray and black peppered hair and a round, large nose . his ears were very hairy, but his eyes were full and dark with mystique. He honestly reminded me of the old guy from the movie "Up". He introduced himself in a strong, raspy voice and said, "Vwhere Ahre Yoo Headeed?" I told him, "Spelman College in Atlanta." He asked me what i was studying and i told him English and creative writing . He smiled and told me that he was writing a book about his life . Interested, i asked him to elaborate and he told me stories about people he has met, his life as an engineer at JPL, the importance of education and the war .

Then he looked at me and said, "Yoo Luke Like Yoo 'ave a story too tell". I nodded it off and he still stared . He explained that there was a time when he was my age and he had a dream . He said in his dream, everything was blank & he felt as if his future was empty ... a story yet to be told . He told me that my future was "blank" (and kept asking me if i understood which kind of annoyed me lol) . He told me, "Yoo do note know who yoo vwill marry, how many keeds yoo vwill ave, ohre wvat career yoo wvill ave . Do not plan, just live mah dahrling."

dialogue makes the world go 'round . i felt like God put me in that conversation for a reason . i "wvill" store his words in the file room of my soul (:

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