stevi: a coming of age story

yes, i'm at peace .
sometimes we forget that this world is ours & we too often forget that . we stupidly lend ourselves to society and what it pushes on us . we have a choice, we have a say-so ...in so many ways .

i am four days facebook free . i am so tired of being "connected" all of the time. i am so tired of being addicted to a place that is so self-centered & nosey . people can see what i'm doing without even speaking a word to me . people can make judgements and assumptions about my personality based on a few "clicks" of a mouse . based on my status ? based on my "info"? it seems like people can only communicate through these networking devices , but who can blame us ? Ever since I entered high school, my generation has only known black planet, myspace, facebook, aim, twitter, formspring and BBM . We dont know any other ways to get to know one another . Well, i challenge you to communicate in more "personal" ways . when you see someone, speak in person . call someone ...hear their voice, duh . why Internet ? WE ARE NOT ROBOTS . you have a choice .

we are free to love . that is one of the most courageous things to me because you put your heart on the front line of battle for someone . i am free to love who i please with open arms and dust myself off when or if things fall apart . i mean honestly, isn't that what it's all about ? breathing in someone else's suffering ... trying to relieve them from pain because you care ? giving someone joy and a sense of security ? blessing someone with a taste of what God has for us ? society breeds cowards . small people, who dress their hearts in cheap armor and bubble wrap . a strong heart is only such after a testing & tedious work-out . i licked and swallowed any animosity i had towards people a while ago ... it had a faint taste of molded bread lol . now is the time for unwavering, brave, passionate love . society generally has no authority in this matter . for'real .

sometimes, life can get HARD . i mean, HARD . i always feel bad for atheist because they have nothing to believe in other than this world . they hold on to society . let me tell you, that's how your hands get frostbite . without faith in God, life loses it's purpose and emptiness consumes the spirit . Really, with a companion in Jesus, things don't seem as bad . We are often times scared when things change because we do not know what's next . I have recently started to embrace the concept of "possibility" ...instead of running from it like a coward, we need to be excited & waiting to see what happens next . emotions happens. tragedy happens. hurt happens. you cant get rid of it ...but you can definitely upgrade your outlook on things :]


  1. *i'm goin to get away from facebook for a couple of days...a real challenge would be my "twitter"...but i think i'm goin to try it..the social life of the internet has taken over & i need a break...and yes life can get real hard...!!

  2. Hi, I like your article. So true of our human nature...:):) We can be sooo shallow :P


  3. Hey cutie! I have been off facebook for a week and I rarely think about it I guess because blogger has taken my mind off of it... I am able to really express myself here rather than in a elusive status.

    Love your blog

  4. It was Judy Garland who once said:
    "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." Wonderful words to live by.

  5. thanks for the love everyone !! :]

  6. well put, well spoken, job well done. =)

  7. steeviiii :D
    last weekend
    i gave up facebookk
    i felt the same way... overwhelmed with
    caring to much about others when i need to focus on ME

    but of course i still love your blog :D

    i need your number or something cause (facebook) was the only place i could communicate with you:(

    love ya

    Deja <3