duck by duck .

Remember when your parents would plan romantic evenings alone? Remember when you had to leave and stay with a relative for a weekend? Yeah. It's because they had the "house to themselves". That phrase is way is bigger than you'd think. Having "the house to ourselves" meant that the rules were handcuffed to the mailbox outside. "The house to ourselves" meant there was peace... tranquility. In this house, love is the wallpaper, passion is the carpeting.


Lets have the world to ourselves. Lets send the kids,"Distraction" and "Insecurity" away for the weekend period. We'll have the world to ourselves. NO RULES, NO INHIBITIONS, NO OBSTACLES. We can bend gravity to kiss our feet. We can dip our hands in the here and now and we can bathe in the better or for worst.

We are not frozen & oven-made. we are not generic. lets have the world to ourselves for the weekend. we can strangle the rules for the weekend. we aren't stuffed with artificial preservatives, glucose, or corn syrup. we'll break the boundaries into pieces and glue them into the shape we choose. how could they generic brand us? how could they label us basic? all we need is the world to ourselves. all we need is peace ... tranquility.
a special thanks to my stenographer in this project ♥ ... much appreciated .

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  1. dat was insane to me...i didt get that ...sory