. . . off we go .

"we grown."

your burning, bastard heart . this heart that burned with passion but scorched the ones around you . this bastard heart, rationalizing faults but faulting nonetheless . so scared to be honest, so scared to be loyal ... a bastard heart with a barren vagina, incapable of birthing courage . immature in it's half empty shell, it lashes out and bullies the things closest to it . it lashes out and pushes the limits of right and wrong . it bullied me .

"i fucked up" are the words of an underdeveloped heart . pretending to care just to have an insurance policy are actions of an immature heart . running from feelings, a symptom of a naive corazon . age doesn't make us grown, the heart does . pumping blood throughout the body for 20 years don't make it grown . hiding from responsibility does not make a heart grown . loving when convenient don't make a heart grown . lying, deceiving, manipulating, & hiding does not make a heart grown . your burning, bastard heart . . . still on the carpet of your grandmother's house watching cartoons and toying with everything, including emotions .

yes, I'm grown .. and thank you for the growth spurt .

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  1. smh... really, I mean I guess I expected to see a reaction on here. The truth hurts but when you realize there's more than me and my problems out there, either you'll stay be mad at me or you'll find some kinda comfort. I'm SORRY damn, if "i fucked up" is too cliche' for you then so be it. It's not the first time you didn't just accept what I said as it was [think about it] but for the broken promises I made, I'm SORRY, for the time wasted I'M SORRY, cheating I'M SORRY, EVERYTHING... before I loved you like a girlfriend I LOVE[d] you like a friend. I guess everybody is officially tuned into the break-up. If the truth shall set me free then that it did, but it didn't just set me free it set you free too. Just believe me when I say I'M SORRY stevi. damn