my people! my people!

as a person, i hold myself to a very high standard and i tend to be hard on myself to succeed and excel in life . with that being said, i am also hard on the people i love to be the best they can be . . . including Black men . so i have a public service announcement .


i feel for you . i may not give you the credit you deserve, but you are truly a diamond in the rough of America's terrain . im not saying that you have it the hardest and im not saying that you have an excuse not to succeed . please don't mistake what i am saying as such . HOWEVER, i am saying that i applaud the Black men who are trying to succeed . . . regardless of their circumstances .

but perhaps you do not know the circumstances ? Black men struggle not only to succeed in society, but also to motivate themselves when no one else will . Ever since i was a young girl, my mom and dad have been breathing down my neck; they made sure i tried my best in life... but even more importantly, they told me that i was special . they told me that i was capable of doing anything i wanted . they made me believe that they would support me through it all . they did the same for my brother .
a lot of young men do not have that support system ... or the expectation . they are simply told, "graduate high school and dont get no girl pregnant" . they are expected to go to work after highschool and do what they can . therefore, if they want to go into higher education . . . they are forced to pump themselves up to get an education and develop values . If i get tired of college, i know that i need to suck it up and push through because my parents sacrificed for me to be here . However, a lot of Black males feel discouraged while in school, and are only encouraged to quit by their families -_- . "school is too expensive" and "i dont feel like filling out your FASFA" or "you NEED to get a job !!" i know its hard to be your own cheerleader, so im here to let you know I SEE YOU (:

so, to all the Black men out there who are self-motivators and pushing the limits of what you were 'labeled' to do ... i applaud you and i am so proud of you . to all the men who are first to graduate high school or first to go to college, you can do it .

stevi renee .