what women want .

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." -Aristotle

JAMILA SAID, "im twenty years old, and i just want a twenty year old-type relationship . . . not the same one from when i was fourteen ."
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TIFF SAID, "all i want is honesty . you can forgive an indiscretion, but not pathelogical lying ."

ELYSSE SAID, "i just wanna get as good as i give ."

FATIMA SAID, " i want a guy with morals and values ..that way we can grow beyond shallow, 'young love'."

MARTEE SAID, "the hell if i know . [pause] i want someone who loves me...more than he loves himself. a dude who can communicate with me as if he were getting paid to do so. someone who takes care of and respects the women in his life. someone who's NOT a quitter and realizes that you can only get as much as you give ."

SAMANTHA SAID, " i should never have to doubt my relationship or doubt that he is doing what he says he is ."

CORT SAID, "respectful . every single day no matter what . i want him to make me feel good even if it's just 'boo, you look beautiful today.'"

LEA SAID, "i want someone who's gunna make we wanna be a better person ."

STEVI SAID, "i want a bestfriend . i want my heart to convulse when i think of him . i want a provider and protector . someone who can provide raw, untamed love, honesty and vulnerability . someone who simply wants to protect me from the world , from pain . it's inevitable to be hurt by the one you love, but i want a guy who tries to treat me like 'fragile cargo' . a guy who can see me at his finish line . . . regardless of the obstacles, past, or hardship . i want a guy who wants me & only me by his bedside ."

the world has discovered a new planet, we have gotten the first black president, we are cloning animals, we have the technology to make people's buttocks bigger . the civil rights movement happened, the haulocast ended, electricity & airplanes were invented .
so much has changed, and yet . . . women still want the same kind of love, smh .

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