pick & choose .

fight for the life that you want for yourself . i believe that we are more in control than we think we are . i have had this feeling of hopelessness for the past couple of months . i felt like everything was out of my hands, & all i could do was sit back & have God "do his thing" . i think i was wrong . my submission to the adversity of life was cowardly & being idle in life never helped anything or anybody . instead of standing still in life and allowing things to just 'happen', we have to make it happen .

i talked to my sister and i saw myself in her . she worked hard to mold the life she wanted . unfortunately, you cant control someone else's actions & her picture fell apart . sometimes we mold our lives like clay . we mesh, pull, rub, and mend until we have what WE WANT ...we try to quickly dry it ... to keep it hardened and solid . we never imagine that something will come along to make it all break into pieces . that discourages us . it's scary to think that you will have to sweep up the fragments of your work & simply "start over" like nothing happened .

but we can . I'm betting ALL of my chips on the hope that we have to fight for what we want out of life . whether it be for the career we want . the friends we want . the people we want . the marriage we want . the state of mind we want . we always say "it's in God's hands" . true . but we ALSO say, "God helps those who help themselves ." you cannot make someone else be in accordance with your desires . you cannot make someone's mind up for them . hell, you cant even stop God's plan . However, I'm not going to wait around and let life push me into corners . I'll buck back at life ...even if all i do is shift it by a centimeter. ill just shift life centimeter by centimeter until i have it where i want it .

God hurls miracles from such a far distance . the least i can do is walk in his direction to make the distance shorter . my friends, i suggest you learn to fight .

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  1. Most of our peers do not understand this. Great Post

    -Mr. Ivee League