[aye april]

Dear My Sweet April,

HERE I COME. i promise you won't be disappointed because i'm going to cherish you . i know February & March may throw shade my way and i can't blame them . between me and you, i didn't do them justice . i'll admit it & i dont regret a bit of it . im not disregarding my pasts months, but im focused on you . . . APRIL. maybe i can right wrongs, patch things up, throw away things, kiss things, learn things ? who knows ! STOP it, your possibilities are making me blush . lol

nevertheless, April ... we will have a blast . i pinky swear ! forecasts already predict sunny, tanned occurences and who can be mad at that ? honestly, we havent even met yet, but you already gave me something special ... A FRESH START :]

i realized today that i am NINETEEN years old & it is my duty to take life by storm . im going to live more, laugh more, eat more, work out more, talk more (as if i could lol), listen more, dance more, sing more, apply myself more, love more, grow more, pump emotional iron more, pray more, & jump off of cliffs more . don't let me down April, im counting on you ♥ .

see you soon [you'll recognize me, ill be the one grinning] ,
stevi renee .

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