for what ? jst because .


i am nineteen .
and i am constantly learning more about myself every single second of the day .
& i love it .
i fell in love with fuchsia, it's 'my color' lol . i never fail to laugh at pineapple express, kevin hart's stand up comedy, the office, and spongebob =X .
i love God . he's not my 'trend' , he's my everything .
tulips ♥ .
i love to support the people that i love . i honestly want to see them do well .
'a different world' is the best show of all time !!
i have a problem with sniffing hand sanitizer . if anyone knows of the long term affects, please contact me =/ lol .
i love the smell of payless shoe stores and the spelman post office . crazy .
i am perfectly happy with being a nerd . "cool" isnt half as 'cool' as it seems .
early detection saves lives . rip mommy :]
i LOVE music and i have no problem being opinionated about artists !!
yes , i tend to be a smart ass o_O.
ill lay my life down for my brother or father . they mean the world to me .
i hate the word "baddie" . gross =X
i love johnsonjohnson products .
yes , i am a very confident person . i know that God made me for a specific purpose .
i REFUSE to compete with other girls in the 'cattyness' . my only competition is myself ;)
one of my goals in life is to reach out to young girls . & help them love themselves .
i have a love/hate relationship w. *spelman* . . . thats a different post in itself .
i regret nothing .
oh ! i like this picture because i look about 15 pounds heavier than normal . makes me laugh :X

. . . any questions about me? life? music ? or hand sanitizer info (lmfbo)FORMSPRING ME [:

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