glitter is only glass .

inconsistent lover . stroking your neck with diamonds, but scraping off your flesh at the exact, same time . this lover . . . that puts foxes on your back, but the same fox sinks teeth into the skin . showers of gems, g-shocks, and jail bail slide down your spine ... but it cant take the pressure . it'll be sure to crack , after all ...this lover is crack . while you push aside sunshine and flowers, you're tip-toe'n & sleeping with money & power .

but she's an inconsistent lover . whispering "too sweet" nothings in your ear, yet giving your soul diabetes . you cannot love a lover who hugs you just to twist a knife in your side . gold-plated Rolexes that rub the space between your thighs . she made sure to take the place of your penis . . . now, if someone threatens to take her away, you shiver at the thought of castration . when you're cold, she makes a quilt out of government paper, staining your body in green . see, once your lover can call you her own, she wants the world to know .

& you'll declare it to the world without even knowing . you'll lynch your soul without even knowing it . gold chains that feed your chest, while your child's stomach howls at the moon . Spinning rims for a spinning lifestyle . you'll kiss farewell to the former owners of your heart: generosity, humilty, and love . Burning your veins like cocaine, your inconsistent lover pours hate into the bloodstream, except it never leaves you poor .

. . . the best lovers teach you the right things, strengthen your character, and make your soul free to love . what has $$ taught you ?

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